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How do I download the Wix Owners App?

Use the Wix Owner app to manage and grow your business or community on the go.

Manage and Promote Your Website

  • Get dashboard features on mobile to manage your website, anywhere

  • Create and share social posts to promote your offerings

  • Build and send email marketing campaigns to drive repeat site traffic

Chat Live with Visitors

  • Set up automatic greetings to engage visitors via live chat

  • Reply instantly to messages from site visitors

  • Use live chat to close deals and send coupons to boost sales

Track Analytics in Real-Time

  • View live stats on how many people are interacting with your site

  • Track which campaigns are bringing you the most traffic

  • See how your online store is performing over different time periodsֿ

  • Monitor how many people have read and shared your blog

Build and Manage Your Online Store

  • Manage your inventory and upload product images seamlessly

  • Take payments, fulfill customer orders and add tracking numbers

  • Offer coupons and special discounts to boost sales

Grow Your Blog From Your Phone

  • Draft, edit and share your blog posts from the Wix Owner app

  • Notify your audience when you publish something new

  • Offer paid subscription plans for your exclusive content

Review and Manage Your Bookings Anytime

  • Manage your sessions, staff and bookings calendar

  • Get details on who is attending your sessions

  • Check in clients and accept commission-free payments

  • Offer pricing plans to boost revenue

Manage Your Community From Mobile

  • Create a group or forum around your business directly from your phone

  • Approve new members and set group permissions

  • Upload articles, images videos and more with your members

  • Get notifications on group and forum activity

Run Your Restaurant From Anywhere

  • Get notified about new orders and reservations and manage them in real-time

  • Print incoming, current, and past orders directly from your phone

  • Immediately update your menu when a dish is no longer available


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