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Using the Wix Events Check In

Wix Events have many great features but here's one that is really useful.

Easily check in your guests from your desktop or mobile app. (This feature is only available if your event is set up as a ticketed event).

Note: This is only available if you have the Wix Events App added to your website.

To check in event guests from your desktop:

  1. Go to the Events tab in your site's dashboard.

  2. Select the relevant ticketed event.

  3. Click the Guest List tab.

  4. Select an option:

    • Check in an individual guest: Click Check-In next to the relevant guest.

    • Check in multiple guests at once:

      1. Select the checkboxes next to the relevant guests or click Select All.

      2. Click Check-In.

5. Click Yes, check in.

To check in event guests from the Wix Owner App

Note: In order to be able to use this function, Check In Assistants need to be invited by the Website Manager via email.

Use the Wix Owner app to check guests in as they arrive at your event. For ticketed events, you can use the app to scan the QR code found on event tickets.

To check a guest in to an event:

  1. Go to your site in the Wix Owner app.

  2. Tap Manage at the bottom.

  3. Tap Events under Business.

  4. Tap the event you want to view.

  5. Choose what you want to do:

  • Change a guests status to "Checked In".

  • Scan a guest's ticket.

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