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How to add an image to your blog.

It's very simple to add an image, either a stock image or an image that you have taken yourself. This article is for someone learning how to add an image to your Wix Blog from your desktop.

Side note: If you are adding an image make sure you have the rights (read ownership) to this image. Simply downloading an image from Google is not the way to go! Wix gives you several sources of free (and some paid) images for you to use otherwise a great site we can recommend for free licensed images is Unsplash or Canva.

Adding a cover image:

  • Click Post Settings tab on the left of post.

  • Click the image box to add a new cover image.

To upload an image:

  • Upload your own media (Top left) or choose an image you have already uploaded.

  • Click on image to be added.

  • Click Add to Page (Bottom right).

To choose an image that is not your own:

  • Click the image box to add a new cover image.

  • In the search bar type a description of the image you are looking for.

We used "camera" as our example. Select one of the images (or run a new search if it's not what you are looking for).

  • Click on image to be added.

  • Click Add to Page (Bottom right.

Your chosen image will appear as your thumbnail when your blog goes live on your site.

Adding an image to your content:

If you are wanting to add an image to your blog similar to what we have done in this tutorial, it's really simple.

Wherever you would like to add the image, simply click the + next to the paragraph you are writing or else by clicking the +Add on the right hand side of your screen. Select image by following the guidelines laid out above.

  • Once you have added your image it is easy to choose your size or alignment simply by clicking on the image and following the prompts above the image.

  • Resize by clicking on the circle on the image and dragging it either larger or smaller.

Images catch the attention of your reader, will help you tell your story. A Wix blog site gives you many options to include excellent quality images into your blog. Don't underestimate the importance of the right picture for your writing!


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