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How to add Events to your Wix Website.

Wix Events is a powerful tool and once added to your website can be easily managed from your dashboard. Contact Rooted Websites to find out how we can help you take your website to the next level.

The following are instructions from Wix. To find out more visit their support centre here:

Step 1 | Create an event draft

Start by adding the basic event details and creating your event. Then, continue to step 2 to add more event details, such as an event image or schedule.

1. Go to Events in your site's dashboard.

2. Click +Add Event.

3. Select a type of event (this selection can't be changed after you click Create Event):

  • Ticketed Event: Sell event tickets

  • RSVP Event: Guests register for the event.

4. Enter the event name.

5. Select a date and time option:

  • Event date and time still unknown:

    1. Enable the Time is TBD (to be determined) toggle.

    2. (Optional) Edit the TBD message.

  • Event has a set time and date:

    1. Select a start date and time.

    2. (Optional) Click Add End Time and select the end date and time.

    3. Click the Timezone drop-down and select a time zone.

    4. (Optional) Click the Display timezone checkbox. Tip: For online events, we recommend displaying your time zone.

6. Select a location option:

  • Location hasn't been set:

    1. Click the Location is TBD (to be determined) toggle to enable it.

    2. (Optional) Edit the location message.

  • The event has a physical location:

    1. Click Physical Location.

    2. Start typing the address of the location and select it from the list.

    3. (Optional) Enter a Venue Name (e.g. Freemont Hotel).

  • The event takes place online:

    1. Click Online.

    2. Enter an Online Location Title (e.g. Webinar). Important: Make sure you let guests know how to connect to your online event.

7. Click Create Event.

Tip:You can access your drafts anytime from the Drafts folder on the left side of your site's dashboard.

Step 2 | Add event details

Now you can add lots of optional extras to create the perfect event. These include an event image, video conferencing, an event schedule, and more.

To add event details:

1. Add an event photo:

  1. Click the Plus + icon.

  2. Select or upload an image.

  3. Click Add to Page.

2. Enter a brief description of the event in the Short Teaser field.

Tip: This appears in the Event List page the Event Details page, if enabled.

2. Connect this event to one or more event categories. Note: Go to the Categories tab to create categories.

3. Select Single Event.

4. Enter or update the location if you didn't enter it before.

5. (Optional) Video Conferencing: Make the event an online Wix Live or Zoom event.

6. (Optional) Add an Event Schedule: Add a schedule after you save the event.

7. (Optional) Add an "About" description: Add detailed event information about your event.

Tip: The "About" description appears on the Event Details page, if enabled.

8. (Optional) Click Connect to connect the event to a group.

9. Click Save. or Save & Publish.

Note: If you publish, you are able to display the event on your site. If you don't publish now, you can publish later, when you're ready.

Detailed tutorials on steps 3-5 will be loaded soon.

Step 3 | Create tickets (ticketed events only)

If your event is a ticketed event, you can now go ahead and create one or more ticket types. Go to the Tickets tab to get started.

Step 4 | Customize your registration and email settings

Make sure to go to the Registration and Email tabs to customize your options. You can limit the maximum number of guest who can register, customize the information you want guest to enter when they register, edit the text of various emails, and more.

Step 5 | Publish the event to your site

When you're ready, publish your event and display it on your site.

After you publish your event, you cannot change it back to draft mode.

Tip:You can click Preview Draft to see how your event looks on your site before you publish.

To publish and display your event:

  1. Go to Events in your site's dashboard.

  2. Click the Drafts tab.

  3. Click Publish on the relevant event.

  4. Go to your website. Check the event is displaying correctly.

Check out our other tutorials here. Can't find what you're looking for? We're here to help! Pop us a message and we'll create a tutorial on your question.


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