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Logo & Website | Bokamoso Kiddies Club & Events

It's always a joy to work with start ups. From building a brand and helping a client to put their dreams and visions into reality.

When Covid-19 hit, many people lost their jobs and so it was that Mpho Mokgosi, a single mom found herself without an income. While daunted this inspiring woman searched for a gap in the market in her local community and found it in the kiddies events and home schooling market. Bokamoso is a business that was formed out of passion and love for kids as well as their well being.

It is always difficult when building a business to do so with a small budget, but this is an area that Rooted Websites and Design thrives in. With a philosophy of growing with our customers, it is easy for anyone to grow their business at their own pace with our easy to add components.

Mpho started with a logo design. It needed to be fun, colourful and child-centric.

The next step was to create a website, Mpho chose our very affordable Basic Package, a 3 page design, which can be added to at a later stage as her business offerings grow and budget allows. This has given her a great foundation in which to launch her business as well as gain her much needed credibility with her future clients.

At this stage the website is hosted with our Free Hosting Package, while not ideal for a business as you do not receive the benefits of search engines, this does allow Mpho the benefit of being able to launch her website immediately without having to wait for funds.

We wish Mpho the very best with her new business and are looking forward to growing this business with her. If you are in the Pretoria/Centurion area, look her up for all your kiddies and child care needs.


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