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Place of Springs Ministries - Website | Logo | Brand Kit | Social Media Starter Pack

Place of Springs Ministries is a new church plant in Centurion. A complete brand package was required and so our Business Starter Pack was a winner!


We started with the logo, which is an interpretation of a spring and life. We opted for the colours of nature with greens and blues to again represent life and refreshing. The colour orange that was used was a nod to the red of Jesus' blood, a common symbol of Jesus' great love for us in dying on the cross.

We have several interpretations of the logo as it will be used for several different functions both digitally as well as on print media.


A detailed brand kit was supplied to the client so that they can manage their own brand going forward for easy recognition from their community. Colours, fonts, logos and similar where uploaded to Canva and sent to the church and their media team.


A basic, easy to use website was required with an Events app add on. The SEO (search engine optimisation) also had to be on point so that it can easily be found by search engines. The website is designed to grow and transition as the church grows and the community needs expand.


An account was set up on Facebook for the church and linked to their existing Instagram account. As the client did not have any social media, a starter kit of one month's posts was purchased and scheduled to give the church a great head start!

This was a fantastic project and ticked all of our boxes! We love all aspects of faith and community based endeavours and it was a joy to be able to be involved in this level of a new church.

Go and check them out! They meet Sundays 9am at Pinnacle College, Copperleaf, Centurion


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