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Philip Robson, author and speaker, approached Rooted Websites to design an international website to showcase his new book - Going Against Goliath, How to fight cancer and win.

As Philip has many facets to his brand, the website was designed to showcase his blog, videos and talks, as well as his latest book release. It is a website that will grow as his audience does and is easy to manage as the author wanted the ability to make use of the many added benefits of a Wix website, namely to add his own blogs, communicate with his subscribers and add his own videos and events.

This is what Rooted Websites is all about, journeying together with our clients!

We look forward to adding to this website in the future as Philip Robson expands his writings and steps into many more adventures in his new chosen career.

Do visit this inspirational website for encouragement and great support, especially for those who are battling cancer or need to support a loved one during a difficult time. Subscribe for additional benefits!


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