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Website | Grace Cov Church

This is where it all started for Rooted Websites. What you may not know is that my husband and I lead a beautiful church in Centurion. One of my (many!) roles there to coordinate our communications and creative department.

It began with the need for a new website. Ours was outdated, difficult to manage and not at all a representation for who we were as a church. As I began to interview website designers and research the different website platforms available, I found it difficult to find the look and functionality of what we were looking for, as well as a designer we could afford. I stumbled across Wix and after much research, trial and error I began the fun process of designing myself.

Grace Cov had a unique and complicated brief:

  • The design had to be colourful and represent the diverse people of South Africa.

  • It had to reach out to those looking for a church or belonging.

  • It had to explain Christianity in a loving and inclusive way.

  • Build community and offer resources to existing members.

  • Be able to be updated frequently in-house.

  • Showcase community events and outreaches.

  • Be enable for email marketing and social media.

We achieved this using a multiple page design with many integrations. This resulted in an information heavy website that presents itself simply to the end user. It is easy to use and fresh in it's approach.

Changing times calls for changing design and function. When Covid-19 changed the world, this church was able to adapt quickly and offer people the option of watching services online as well as online seat bookings as numbers in buildings were limited by government regulations.

Grace Cov Church is a community of vibrant, colourful, diverse, dedicated people whose doors are always open to their neighbourhood and the nations. We may be biased but we think their website is awesome!

Go check them out:


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