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Website | Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy

Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy is the largest swimming academy for infants and toddlers in South Africa. When co-founder Arrie Botha consulted with us, he was in the market for a fresh new online look for their business.

This was a fun project for us, with a strong established brand and logo, an array of professional photographs depicting the excellence and love that all students at multiple ages are taught, it was effortless to bring to life this brand and website.

Since our initial design in 2019, we have worked alongside Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy to update the website as changes have occurred and their franchises increased.

This is what they had to say about our service in their 5 star rating:

"Rooted websites is hands on, up to date with the latest technology and provides excellent back-up service. What I liked best was sitting down with us as their client and trying to get a good understanding of our market. They are also willing to make updates and changes on a regular basis."

If you are looking for an outstanding swimming academy, take a look at the excelent offerings from Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy.

Note: Kiddies Aqua Swimming manages and edits their own site.


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